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How to Scale Your Business With a Virtual Assistant

7 proven strategies for effortlessly hiring and managing the right virtual assistant

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Presented by Karen Skidmore
Business founder, mentor & author
Creator of The Grow Strong® Business System

What you'll get from this 60-minute training:

  • Unlock your growth potential: why having the right VA is a game changer for a small business owner
  • The power of delegation: how to double your output and ensure you spend more of your time on what you do best
  • Raise your game: how a VA can improve your client relationships and make the space for you to work with more people
  • Save you time: get the weekly management systems that mean having a VA doesn't give you more things to do and think about
  • Reduce your stress & mental bandwidth: practical and simple communication processes to allow you to let go and trust someone to take over the day-to-day running of your business


Karen Skidmore

Karen has run her own consulting and coaching businesses for 18+ years, and managing a small and high performing team has been an integral part of her business success.

Karen will be sharing her systems, processes and mindset shifts that have allowed her to let go with confidence and hire the right virtual assistants to grow and scale her business.

Unlock the Secrets to Hiring & Managing a High Performing Virtual Assistant

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This 60-minute training is for you if:

  • You want to hire your first VA but you don't know how or where to begin
  • You aren't getting the results that you expected from your current VA but you're carrying on, hoping that things will get better
  • You've had your fingers burnt and struggling to find the right virtual assistant to work with you
  • You don't really want to manage people, but you know you need extra support in your business

Meet Karen.

Hi, I'm Karen. I am a business mentor, author and speaker with 18+ years’ of growing and scaling small businesses. I work with ambitious consultants, trainers, wellbeing professionals and experts to help build better businesses, attract more rewarding work, and ensure you thrive in the process.

I have run my own coaching and training businesses for almost two decades and having experienced peri-meno-burnout in my 40’s, I know the very real dangers of how having the wrong kind of business and working too hard to achieve your ambitions and money goals can impact stress and health.

This is why I created the Grow Strong® business building process to help busy experts, like you, get off the ‘work harder’ treadmill and have a better run, more rewarding business.

I also have a best selling, award winning book called True Profit Business which shows you how to build a business without burning out.

For more information about the work me and my team do, go to